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NHABDA Newsletter

by John Carbonello
Some wore green shirts or vests and carried coins in their pockets. Some wore green hats or ties. All had their fine leather shoes so well polished you could see your face in them. Some were very tight lipped and some were full of wit and wisdom and mischief as well. Of course I am talking about the dancers at the Emerald Ball. There is no such thing as Leprechauns.

Many thanks to Antonio Cassetta and Sandy, one of his favorite students, of Fitness Ballroom for teaching us the "Ronde de Jambe" Rumba move. The move encompasses the five foot positions that have been taught in fencing for centuries. Once again Chris and Devin did a fine job providing the music.

We held a 50/50 Raffle during the March dance to benefit a former NHABDA member, Valerie Morgan who had a tragic accident in her home in last August. We are happy to announce that the raffle winner (Julie Liesse) donated back her winnings and in total we raised $226. The NHABDA Board of Directors also voted to make an additional donation to help fund Val Morgan’s medical and mobility needs. To make a donation directly follow this link:


Next month's “Spring Fling Dance “ will be held on Saturday, April 21, at Pinkerton Academy. Music will be provided by The Jim Zaroulas Band. We welcome Deb Roy of Maine Ballroom, Portlant, Maine, who will teach an East Coast Swing lesson before the dance.

Don’t forget to reserve a spot for our April 7th Dance Seminar with Norman Thibeault of Fred Astaire Studios in Worcester. He and his partner will be teaching Intermediate Bolero and Advanced Foxtrot. The seminar will be held at Pinkerton from 1-4PM.

Happy Spring!

Questions, comments, suggestions — reply at jjcarbonello@gmail.com

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There is nothing more notable in Socrates than that he found time, when he was an old man, to learn music and dancing, and thought it time well spent.

- Michel de Montaigne